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Car accidents are enough of a headache without struggling to negotiate with an insurance company after the fact. Allstate Insurance in particular has a reputation for offering unreasonable settlements that grow their profits at the expense of injured individuals like you.

If you find yourself in a position where you must negotiate with Allstate, it’s important that you know all of your legal options to recoup your losses and seek the full amount that you deserve.

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Allstate Thrives By Minimizing Your Recovery

Since its founding in 1931, Allstate has grown into a modern insurance behemoth–––Today, it represents one of the largest insurance companies in the United States.

Its tagline that customers are “in good hands,” seems less reassuring when you think about its corporate bottom-line. Customers like you should be wary of Allstate’s incentive to minimize your recovery. You only have to Google “Allstate Allsnake” to find hundreds if not thousands of insurance claimants that feel they have been ripped off by Allstate’s antics.

When filing your claim, keep in mind that Allstate’s first offer will probably be far less than you are truly owed. Getting a fair settlement will require deliberate negotiation and very probably the help of a skilled attorney.

Filing Your Claim

Allstate seems more customer-friendly than it is by making filing your claim a relatively seamless process. Allstate provides several mediums to file: online through its website, by phone on its 24/7 claims service, using the Allstate mobile app, or by reporting the claim directly to your agent.

After your claim is filed, an insurance adjuster will begin investigating the incident. The adjuster wants to appraise the damage to come up with a total proposed settlement. Because adjusters work for the insurance company, they are incentivized to uncover information that will limit your claim.

It is common industry knowledge that Allstate adjusters input information about your accident into software that relies on hundreds of thousands of previous claims and their outcomes. The software then uses an algorithm to create a range of prices for your specific circumstances.

Keep in mind that any information you provide the adjuster will be factored into the settlement value. For this reason, it is crucial not to jump to conclusions after the accident. The adrenaline and shock of the accident may push you to cast blame on yourself or discredit your injuries.

As a general rule of thumb, it is typically always safe to go the doctor immediately following the accident so that someone with medical expertise can help you realize the extent of your injuries and document them for potential settlement purposes.

Finding the Right Attorney to Fight for You

It is easy to overlook the full extent of your injury when you are struggling to overcome the hassle of getting in an accident. The right attorney can help you to calculate exactly how much you have lost in the accident.

There may be some categories of losses that you initially overlooked. Even if you did recognize the need for compensation for property damage, medical bills, long-term treatment, pain and suffering, or lost wages, it may be wise to consult with an injury attorney to ensure that you have properly appraised the full value of these injuries. Doing this early can prevent you a lot of headache in the future.

A trusted attorney can further help you stand up to the insurance giant. If you try to represent yourself in negotiating, Allstate will likely take you less seriously because it believes you will not measure up to its team of attorneys in court.

You are more than a number in Allstate’s algorithm. A trusted accident attorney will help you to discover special aspects of your case and allow you to hold your own as an individual. The right attorney will work to lessen your post-accident stress by using their technical skill to help you recover the amount you deserve.

Get Help from Our Colorado Springs Injury Attorneys

At Zinda Law Group, our Colorado Springs personal injury attorneys have helped crash victims get favorable settlements with Allstate and other insurers. We possess the resources and skill to help you seek maximum compensation for your settlement.

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