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American Family Insurance, aka AmFam, is a privately owned, for-profit company whose primary interest is making a profit. This is done through minimizing payouts for insurance claims. AmFam is a Fortune 500 company that brings in hundreds of millions of dollars a year as one of the largest insurance companies in the nation. Yet injured victims may still have a hard time getting the compensation they deserve.

When negotiating with a company of this size, it is important to be prepared. You will be going up against skilled negotiators whose job is to calculate the minimal payout amount for your injuries. Preparations can go a long way when trying to receive a fair and equitable result from AmFam.

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How to File a Claim

AmFam’s claim process is quite simple. AmFam makes it easy to file a claim by phone or online 24 hours a day. They have customer service representatives standing by to help you through the process. But don’t be fooled by their charm, as it is very likely that they are trying to wrap up the claims process as soon as possible with a lowball settlement offer.

How to Negotiate with a Claims Adjuster

  • Watch what you say – Anything you say to the claims adjuster during the negotiation process can be used against you. Every conversation you have with your claims adjuster will be recorded. If you are not cautious about what you say, you may undervalue your own claim and might decrease the amount AmFam is willing to offer. Most importantly, however, is to never admit fault.
  • Keep your guard up – Don’t be fooled by the friendly demeanor or kind words from insurance agents. Although it may be true that they are genuine and the insurance agent is truly a kind person, it is important to remember that they are trained professionals. Every conversation is calculated in an effort to pay out as little as possible.
  • Be professional – It is also important to remember to be polite and respectful when speaking to a claims adjuster. By being professional, insurance agents will be more likely to treat you with the respect you deserve and will look at you as an equal.
  • Consider hiring a personal injury lawyer – AmFam may tell you it isn’t necessary to hire a lawyer or hiring one won’t help you. What this really means is they don’t want you to hire a lawyer. The best way to get proper compensation for your car accident is to consult a personal injury lawyer and let them handle the insurance company. Personal injury lawyers have been through this process before and they know exactly what to expect.


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