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When a child is injured by a dog, they are at a higher risk of catastrophic injury than a fully-grown adult. Not only can dog bite injuries result in serious physical injury, but they can also leave victims with deep psychological trauma.

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The Lasting Impact of Dog Bites on Children

A dog bite injury can leave a child with severe damages. If your child was left with any scarring or disfigurement, you may have a sound legal argument to win compensation to offset medical costs and non-economic damages. Therefore, it may be in your best interest to pursue a personal injury claim.

Along with the permanent physical damage that may result from the dog bite, children may carry with them severe psychological trauma due to the event as well. If your child has difficulty sleeping, a fear of the outdoors, or an irrational avoidance of friendly animals and pets, you may be entitled for additional compensation.

Can I Sue for a Dog Attack?

If the dog in question has any prior history of biting or aggressive behavior, the owner may be liable for attacks in the future regardless of the situation that precedes a bite. It may be beneficial to your case to consult the law enforcement of the jurisdiction where the bite occurred to identify any past police reports involving the owner and their dog.

Witnesses and Opposing Party Details

Witness testimony may also be useful if you choose to pursue a dog bite injury claim on behalf of your child. If you are able to reach out to witnesses who observed the attack and gather their testimony, it is highly advisable that you do so.

Be sure to gather evidence and document necessary details, like the name of the owner and a description of the dog. Take pictures of your child’s injuries, and if possible, the dog that bit your child.

File a Report with Law Enforcement

You should also file a police report of the incident, making sure to give detailed descriptions of everything that happened. Proper documentation from law enforcement may have a large impact on your ultimate settlement value.

How to Treat Your Child After a Dog Attack

If your child was bitten by a dog, make sure they receive proper medical care. Dog bites need special treatment that reduces the likelihood of complications due to animal-borne illnesses and infection.

Your child may undergo surgery and ongoing treatment if the injury is severe. It is also advisable to bring your child to a counselor if they are displaying any signs of psychological trauma, including anxiety, depressions, or trouble falling asleep.

Get Help from Colorado Springs Dog Bite Attorneys

Dog attacks on children can be extremely damaging and traumatic to a child. At Zinda Law Group, our Colorado Springs personal injury attorneys can help you seek the compensation you and your child need to recover from a dog bite.

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