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Whether you’re picking kids up from school or driving to work, car accidents can happen when you least expect them. Farmers Insurance is the third largest insurance company in the U.S., and millions of people are covered by their auto policies.

Like all insurance companies, Farmers is motivated to pay out as little as possible for claims. However, Farmers Insurance has a few additional quirks that make negotiating a settlement claim difficult. To ensure you receive a fair settlement, speaking with an attorney who is an experienced negotiator may be beneficial for your case.

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Filing a Claim with Farmers

After a car crash, you need to report the accident to Farmers and file a claim. You can reach Farmers at 1-800-435-7764, 24 hours a day.

However, you need to be prepared for the questions Farmers will ask. If you believe your answers could potentially hurt your claim, you should first reach out to a personal injury attorney for help.

The attorneys at Zinda Law Group can help you prepare by coaching you through the process and reviewing questions our past clients were asked. Be careful with what details you share with Farmers at this point, as you want to ensure you will receive a fair settlement to pay for your property damage and medical bills.

Expect a Low Offer from Farmers

Insurance companies want to make money by paying out as little as possible. Farmers is no exception. Expect a low offer from Farmers the first time around, but ask your insurance claims adjuster to justify the offer in writing.

Farmers often uses several arguments to justify low offers. They may argue your medical bills are too high or that your injury was pre-existing before the accident. Even if you have a pre-existing injury, you still are entitled to pursue a claim if you were re-injured or if the accident has worsened your injury.

Farmers may also argue that you didn’t go to the doctor quickly enough or that you are faking your injuries. You can disprove this by seeking medical attention immediately after an accident. However, it’s common for some symptoms to not develop for several days. Even if you did not seek medical attention immediately, you still can and should pursue a claim.

Your Claim Isn’t Evaluated by a Person

When determining an insurance settlement, a human doesn’t decide what you’re entitled to. Farmers uses a computer program named Colossus to determine its settlement offers.

The program minimizes and undervalues personal injury claims by analyzing medical records and financial statements. Accidents are not identical, so solutions cannot be one size fits all. A computer program cannot take into account your stress or fear following an accident, yet Farmers uses claim amounts generated by its program.

With this in mind, it is vital that you negotiate with your claims adjuster. Do not accept the first amount you are offered. You deserve a fair settlement that takes into account everything you have endured in the accident, not just what a computer deems relevant.

Get Help from Our Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyers

Farmers Insurance is a large company that is no stranger to negotiating claims. They have over 80 years of experience and are masters at making money by minimizing their payouts. As a result, it can be difficult to receive the claim you deserve following an accident.

The attorneys at Zinda Law Group know how to navigate the claims process and have helped many clients obtain fair settlements from Farmers Insurance. When you are negotiating with a large, experienced company like Farmers, you need a good team. Let us be yours.

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