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Farmer’s Insurance Company is a major player in the insurance industry and has customers nationwide. You might encounter Farmer’s Insurance if you were involved in an automobile crash. If so, you may want to have an idea of what to expect in a personal injury settlement with Farmer’s Insurance in Colorado Springs.

Predicting exactly what kind of experience you will have in your personal injury settlement with Farmer’s Insurance is hard and depends on the facts of the claim. Remember that each claim is different. They can differ in the manner in which the accident occurred, the extent of the injuries suffered, as well as other factors such as permanency of the injuries and amount of lost wages.

There are a few things you can expect in a personal injury settlement with Farmer’s Insurance. Here are some issues you may encounter:

  • Farmer’s Insurance will have their claims adjusters thoroughly examine your claim. The claims adjusters try to keep costs down in settlements. Therefore, the claims adjusters might try to argue that the damages you claim were not caused by their insured but is a pre-existing injury instead;
  • Farmer’s Insurance may claim that you are either completely or partially at fault for the accident. Under Colorado law, a person may recover damages if they contributed in some way to the crash as long as the accident victim was not 50% or more at fault for the accident. If the victim is less than 50% at fault, the person can recover an award, but the percentage of fault reduces that award;
  • The claims adjuster can argue that the medical bills you accrued were not medically necessary. Claims adjusters frequently reduce their settlement offers by arguing that you treated too long with a chiropractor or a physical therapist; and
  • Claims adjusters will not put a premium on your pain and suffering. Claims adjusters sometimes take the position that doctors’ bills are already inflated, and therefore you are getting more than you deserve if they just pay the amount of medical damages without considering your pain and suffering.

There are negotiating tactics you can use to try to tip the scales in your favor. No one negotiating tactic is guaranteed to produce the desired result, however, keeping certain ideas in mind when preparing your claim can help you in your personal injury settlement with Farmer’s Insurance.

  1. Be prepared. You should know the facts of your claim inside and out. You need to know what the police reports indicate as to how the accident occurred. You also must know what your doctor says about your injuries. Demonstrating a command of the facts of your case proves to the adjuster that you are genuinely engaged and are seeking justice, not just a quick buck;
  2. Be polite, but firm. Negotiating a settlement can be very frustrating. Using abusive language, yelling, or swearing will damage your credibility with the claims adjuster. You will lose whatever negotiation leverage you have if you lose your credibility.
  3. Be reasonable. You have not hit the lottery because you were injured in an accident. Therefore, your demands should not be outrageous. However, a legitimate negotiating tactic is making an initial demand for an amount greater than for what you are comfortable settling.

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