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 If you or a loved one was involved in a car accident with a delivery driver, you may be wondering if you can pursue a valid legal claim against a commercial insurance policy.

Not all delivery drivers are covered by these policies, which may include high limits, so it is important that you conduct a thorough investigation into the company where the delivery driver works.

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Commercial Vehicle Insurance Policies

Some laws require company drivers to carry commercial insurance if they are using their car for business purposes. If you are hit by a delivery driver who is covered at the time of the accident by a commercial policy, you may be able to seek significantly higher compensation to due larger policy limits.

If the delivery driver is not covered by a commercial policy, the accident may be treated like a normal car accident, and you may be limited by the opposing driver’s consumer policy. If you are unsure what kind of insurance policy the delivery driver has, it is highly advisable to contact a car accident injury attorney who can help you investigate the details of your case.

Can the Driver’s Company Be Held Liable?

Online delivery services, like UberEats, Favor, and Postmates, vary in how they classify their drivers. Some treat them as independent contractors, while others view them as employees.

Statutes and policies regarding how drivers are classified may affect liability in a car accident injury case involving a delivery driver. Be sure to research the policy of the company in question and attempt to determine if the company can be held liable.

The company may claim that the driver was driving outside of working hours, and was not their responsibility at the time of the accident. Due to this and other possible complications, it may be beneficial to obtain as much information as you can on the driver’s employer and their policy on liability and insurance.

File a Car Accident Report

After a delivery vehicle accident, make sure to contact the police in order to get important information documented in a police report. As with any accident, official records detailing who is at fault in an accident may be a valuable piece in a personal injury claim.

Learn how to get a police report in Colorado Springs here.

Current Food Delivery Trends

Food delivery apps are becoming more widespread than ever before, and many companies may attempt to expedite delivery time. This may lead to reckless driving, or a failure to repair faulty automobiles, both of which may pose a danger to everyone on the road.

Further, some companies may have specific safety training protocols that must be followed by all drivers. If you are able to find any evidence that an opposing driver neglected to take full safety precautions or follow potential company safety protocols, you may be able to seek compensation up to commercial insurance policy limits.

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