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The United Services Automobile Association, better known as USAA, has entered the crowded auto insurance market with aggressive advertising over the last several years in Colorado Springs. USAA is a company that is not open to the general public to join: you must be an armed service member or related to one to purchase their coverage. USAA offers discounted rates for service members. The brave men and women of our armed services have earned it. Unfortunately, service members and their family can make mistakes and cause accidents that injure people in Colorado Springs and elsewhere.

There are a few things you should know if you file a third-party claim against a driver USAA insures. Primarily, you must be aware that USAA is a for-profit company, just like every other insurer in the Colorado Springs area. USAA does big business and makes a lot of money.

USAA claims adjusters want to keep the amount paid in claims down so that the company can make more money. If the company makes money, the claims adjusters get big bonuses. While every claim is different, there are certain things you can do to help you increase your chances of receiving a larger settlement. One of the keys to successful negotiation is that you need to be able to prove to the USAA claims adjuster that they should offer you more than their database says your claim is worth.

Negotiating Tactics

You will know your case better than the insurance adjuster. The adjuster should have all of the records, your medical bills, and doctors’ reports before you demand a settlement. However, having all of the information does not equate to the adjuster knowing it inside and out like you do. Keep these ideas in mind when negotiating:

  • Establish your parameters beforehand. Know the minimum figure for which you will settle before you make a demand;
  • Believe in your claim. The adjuster will try to blame you for the accident and argue you were not driving safely or were otherwise negligent and contributed to the incident. Be ready to counter the adjuster’s argument with facts from your crash. Also, be prepared to hear the adjuster try to get you back off of your demand amount. They will try different tactics in addition to claiming you were at fault like arguing you aggravated pre-existing injuries and therefore the pain you feel is not from the auto crash but some event that preceded the crash;
  • Make a demand that is higher than you think your claim is worth but be reasonable. Do not claim that damages your credibility and paints you as unreasonable. USAA might be less likely to negotiate with someone who has unjustified expectations; and
  • However, you do not have to take the first offer made by the insurance company. Some insurance companies offer nuisance settlements just to close out a claim. Depending on the facts of the case, you might need to convince them you had no part in causing the accident or, if you did, your part was so insignificant that you still deserve a full settlement. That may take some time.

Ge Help If You Were Injured By A USAA Driver

The best negotiation tactic you can use is to turn to us for help. Our Colorado Springs injury attorneys have vast experience representing accident victims. Our attorneys will provide you legal advice while working diligently to try to reach a fair and just resolution of your claim. Contact us at 719-285-6994 today to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can potentially help you with your claim if you or a loved one was hurt in an accident.