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Being involved in an automobile accident, work-related injury, or slip-and-fall incident is stressful enough as it is. Worrying about payments and payment schedules for the medical attention you receive only adds more stress to the situation.

Following an accident, some hospitals and health care professionals will refuse to accept an injured person’s health insurance as a guarantee of payment for the medical care provided. This happens because insurance companies may deny financial responsibility for the injury. A Letter of Protection may resolve this issue by guaranteeing payment for medical treatment from a future lawsuit settlement or verdict award.

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What is a Letter of Protection?

A Letter of Protection is a formal document prepared by an attorney who represents a person injured as a result of an automobile accident, work-related injury, slip-and-fall incident, or other personal injury accident. The letter is sent by the personal injury attorney to the injured party’s health care provider. The letter informs the health care professional that the injured party agrees to pay for the medical care provided by using any money recovered from a future lawsuit settlement or trial judgment.

A Letter of Protection serves as a contract between an injured person and his or her health care provider. In exchange for providing professional medical treatment without demanding immediate payment, the injured person’s health care provider agrees to wait until the end of the lawsuit before requesting compensation. If no money is recovered from the case, the injured person is still responsible for paying the full bill amount to the health care provider.

Why Do I Need a Letter of Protection?

A Letter of Protection can help an injured person pay for medical care that they cannot currently afford. The need for a Letter of Protection comes from insurance companies’ tendency to deny or shift responsibility for a claim. For instance, it is common for health insurance providers to refuse to pay for medical bills that result from a person being in an automobile accident. This occurs because the health insurance provider expects or wants the injured person’s auto insurance provider to assume responsibility.

Even if the auto insurance carrier takes responsibility for the injury, the carrier is unlikely to pay for the required medical care as it provided. Instead, the carrier may require the injured person to pay for his or her medical bills out of pocket. The auto insurance carrier steps in only after all the medical bills have paid for. However, even then it is common for the carrier to propose a settlement offer that is worth less than what was paid out of pocket.

A similar example may occur when a person is injured while on the job. After the injury, the person’s health insurance provider may expect the injured person’s workers’ compensation insurance to take responsibility. This shifting responsibility makes it difficult to determine whether an injured person’s health insurance plan will cover a particular accident.

Because health care professionals have had to deal with this tendency to shift or deny financial responsibility for a claim, some may be hesitant to accept an injured person’s health insurance as guarantee of payment for their services. A Letter of Protection acts as a promise which assures the health care professional that the medical bills will be paid for directly out of the proceeds which may result from a personal injury case.

How Can I Get a Letter of Protection?

Because a Letter of Protection acts as a contract, it must be issued by an attorney. Health care professionals will not accept a Letter of Protection directly from the injured person.

A health care provider’s willingness to accept a Letter of Protection drafted by an attorney is at the discretion of that particular healthcare provider.

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