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If you have been in an accident in Colorado Springs, chances are the other driver may be insured by Farmers Insurance. Farmers Insurance is one of the largest auto insurance companies in Colorado. You are probably familiar with the company. Farmers Insurance television commercials were designed to be eye-catching and interesting, even a little humorous. The advertisement features a recognizable actor and ends with an a capella jingle that is catchy as well. The entire television spot lures the viewer into thinking that settling a claim with Farmers Insurance would be very easy.

Make no mistake. Farmers Insurance is a for-profit business that makes money when they pay out less money in claims than premiums they collect. Famers Insurance is a large corporation that exists for the sole purpose of making money. Their claims adjusters have every incentive to persuade you to take a smaller settlement than you would want or claim you are not owed any money because you were more than 50% at fault for the accident.

Farmers has the advantage at the beginning of negotiations. They have computer programs and books that tell their adjusters how much an injury is worth depending on how the crash happened. The adjusters plug a few numbers into a machine, and it spits out a number for which they have the authority to settle. The process fails to account for the human factor; all of the pain and suffering, all of the anguish and uncertainty, and the loss of quality of life you as the victim in the accident suffered. Your goal when negotiating with Famers Insurance is to convince the adjuster to settle your claim for a higher amount because of the human factor.

Here are tactics you can use when negotiating with Farmers Insurance to increase the chances of a higher settlement.

  1. Be prepared. Know your case inside and out. Make sure you have all of the paperwork generated from the accident. Read each document carefully and understand each document’s function and its importance. Prepare in advance to tell the adjuster how the injury and accident negatively affected your life;
  1. Be firm but be polite. Injury claim negotiations are personal for the injured party. To the insurance company, however, you are just a number. Do not scream, yell, or insult the claims adjuster. Never curse. They can decline to negotiate if you use abusive language. Also, lashing out in frustration undermines your negotiating position. Try to stay calm. Telling the adjuster that you are frustrated with the process and that their initial offer is perfectly permissible if done correctly. Voicing your frustration in that manner may help your situation;
  1. Stake out your settlement position in advance of negotiations. Starting high is a perfectly permissible tactic as long as the number is within the realm of reason. Do not start negotiating at $1 million if your claim is worth $50,000. The adjuster will not take you seriously and worse yet, will form the opinion that everything you say is exaggerated to the point of being unbelievable. You have no negotiating power if you lose your credibility with the claims adjuster;
  1. Do not be afraid to walk away from the negotiations if the insurance company is not reasonable. What is reasonable solely depends on the facts and relative strength of each case. However, having the fortitude to walk away will impress upon the insurance company that you are ready and willing to fight. They do not want to lose money. Therefore, Farmers Insurance may reevaluate their position and offer a larger settlement; and;
  2. Many times the best option for you and your claim is to seek representation from experienced Colorado Springs personal injury claims attorneys.


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